Good Guiding

Sean Visintainer - 07/10/19

A tanker Redband Rainbow trout caught on the Spokane River while on a guided fishing trip.

Good fishing. Good guiding

Lots of great reports from the guide crew as of late. Our Spokane River team (Kenyon, Jake, Bjorn, and Britten) have been having some good success this season so far. Fish numbers and size has been pretty consistent. While we may not have thousands of fish per mile like other famous rivers, what we do have are hard fighting, quality, beautiful wild trout. I fish a lot of rivers and am continually impressed by these fish.

The guides have been doing a lot of subsurface fishing with indicator rigs, and even some euro trips. This is typical for best success rates on the Spokane. However, the big chernobyl with a dropper is getting some love too. The Spokane is a surprisingly clear river so in sunny conditions you can often see the fish sneak up to the surface and pluck the large foam bug from the surface.

Caddis hatches are still happening, but they have dwindled a fair amount. From May through November there is always some level of caddis hatches. They are most intense in May and June, but often we get a large fall caddis that is a pretty decent hatch too.

Our guide partners from ROW Adventures in Idaho have done well too. The main river for Idaho guiding this time of the year is the St. Joe River. With a bit more volume of water than the Coeur d'Alene River and more habitat, it fishes well through the heat and into fall. I had a brief text chat with Bill Johnson, one of the Idaho guides licensed through ROW, and he said fishing has been good, while it has slowed a touch, the fish are still looking up and eating well. The "Joe" is a dry fly fishing paradise. All summer long you can fish dries and have success. We are in full summer mode now here and focused on the riffles with attractors like gypsy kings, but pmd's, caddis, and chubbies with droppers are working well too.

Want us to do the rowing? Give Bo Brand a call at the shop and he will get you set up with one of our guide team members! 509-924-9998

Spokane River fly fishing guide Kenyon Pitts with a chunky Redband trout.
St. Joe River fly fishing guide, Greg Gatti, with nice St. Joe River cutthroat trout on a guided fly fishing trip through ROW Adventures Outfitters.
Spokane River fly fishing guided Bjorn Ostby with quality wild trout from the Spokane River.
Idaho fly fishing guide Bill Johnson with a nice St. Joe River cutthroat trout.
Spokane River guided fly fishing trips for quality native Redband trout.
Spokane River guided fly fishing trips produce all summer in the Spokane area.
Spokane River guided fly fishing trips produce all summer in the Spokane area.
Spokane Fly Fishing Guide Jake Hood with a nice Spokane River Redband trout.
Guest Kevin West on a Spokane River guided fly fishing trip with Jake Hood.
A fine Spokane River Redband Trout caught on a Spokane Guided Fly Fishing Trip with Silver Bow Fly Shop guide Jake Hood.
Kenyon Pitts, Spokane River Fly Fishing Guide, with a solid Spokane River trout.
The Spokane River is home to native Westslope cutthroat trout like this one caught on a Spokane guided fly fishing trip with fly fishing guided Kenyon Pitts.
A double Redband Rainbow from the Spokane River caught on a Spokane River guided fishing trip.