Spokane River and Grande Ronde Steelhead Guide Bjorn Ostby.
Bjorn Ostby

Spokane River and Grande Ronde River Steelhead Guide
Experience: Since 1988

From an early age Bjorn Ostby has always had a fly rod in his hand. During his youth he spent many outings with his father fishing lakes which cultivated his love of fly fishing. As the years progressed Bjorn has dabbled in all aspects of fly fishing, but has a particular fondness of Montana trout waters and coastal streams filled with steelhead. Bjorn's passion for fly fishing keeps him continually evolving whether he is perfecting his swing on his spey rod or designing new flies for the Catch Fly Fishing company. You can find many of Bjorn's trout and steelhead patterns at the Silver Bow Fly Shop where they are proudly displayed in the bins.

A day with Bjorn is fresh and interesting, Bjorn's a school teacher Fall through spring which translates well as a natural guide, showing guests the nuances of the river and its fish. When Bjorn's not guiding he can be found hanging with his family, snowboarding, playing soccer, or building brownie points for future trips to British Columbia's fabled steelhead waters or salty destinations like Belize. Every day of guiding is unique says Bjorn, watching guests learn and grow throughout the day keeps him energized for sharing the experience.