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Spokane River Redband Trout.
Grande Ronde - Clearwater River Steelhead Flies.

Smallmouth Bass Study

Fishing in the name of science Smallmouth bass in the Spokane River, love'em or hate'em, they are one tough fish. Tough for many reasons... for the habitat ...

Late Summer Tiger Musky

Photo by Sam Thompson - Dryft Waders Musky, Musky, Musky... As the evening temps fall and the daylight hours shorten we have ...

2015 Steelhead Presentation

How-to Catch Steelhead Presentation. Yes, it is that time of the year again... time to start thinking about annual summer run steelhead making their way up ...

Getting Involved

Supporting those that support your river. Bo and I recently joined up with Jule from Spokane Riverkeeper and one of their interns for a fun float on the lower ...

Inside Corner Pocket

8 ball... Corner Pocket. Current seams are formed along the banks when there is a rock point or change in the bank structure. These current seams are often ...

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