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Black Fly Day.

Limited Edition Hatch Outdoors Lime Green Fanatic Fly Reel.

Tying Classes Scheduled

Your cure to the winter blues. The next best thing to catching fish... is tying flies for catching fish. Fly tying can mean many different things for people. ...

Intro to Fishing Soft Hackles

An oldie but goodie. Soft hackles flies and techniques have been around for quite some time. They are often some of the simplest styles of flies and the techniques ...

Early Season Steelhead Water

Follow the rocks. The last few seasons I've put some time in doing what we will call "alternative" tactics for catching steelhead. In case you don't know ...

Spey Lines 101

Making Sense of Spey lines. Ask 20 spey casters what their preferred line is for spey casting... you'll get 20 different answers. The question we get the ...

2015 Steelhead Presentation

How-to Catch Steelhead Presentation. Yes, it is that time of the year again... time to start thinking about annual summer run steelhead making their way up ...

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