Kenyon Pitts Spokane River Guide

Lead Spokane River and Grande Ronde River Fly Fishing Guide / Sales / Lead Instructor

Some people are just born with a level of "fishy-ness" that others do not possess. Kenyon is one of those anglers. A word of advice: Don't let him fish through the run first if you want to catch anything! Growing up his father had experience with fly fishing but for the most part he and Kenyon spent most of the time angling with conventional tackle. As Kenyon got older he developed an interest in fly fishing and both of them dove into head first. Kenyon, like most of us, considers trout to be his biggest passion, but that is up for debate as the steelhead bug runs deep through his veins. When Kenyon is not guiding the Spokane River, or working in the shop, you can probably find him at his tying vise cranking out patterns that are highly sought after by other Silver Bow staff members for the local fishery.

  • Experience - Since 2010