New - Technical Products from Rio

Sean Visintainer - 08/01/19

Euro nymphing with the new RIO Technical Euro Nymph Leader.

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A couple noteworthy items that hit the shop shelves lately from the folks over at RIO. Both of these are designed to up your game when it comes to picky trout.

Euro Technical Nymph Leades

RIO - Technical Euro Nymph Leaders

I've been using this New RIO - Technical Euro Nymph Leaders quite a bit around the region and in Montana this summer. Designed to have even more finesse and sensitivity when it comes to detecting strikes. Built with a finer butt and mid section this wispy thin leader can pick up even the slightest movement on your rig. The extra length also aids in high sticking more line / leader off the water. Every little bit helps especially when trying to Euro nymph at longer distances. While this new leader comes with 4x sighter on the end, I have found it useful to swap the 4x out for 3x sighter when dealing with rivers that have larger fish. The extra strength seems to help break off the sighter less when the inevitable snag happens. Overall swapping the 4x for 3x doesn't seem to effect the performance either, still fairly thin material. Great leader and works very well especially when fishing smaller nymphs.

One last thing to note, this leader comes with two options for the sighter: Pink/Yellow or Black/White. The Pink/Yellow is perfect for most situations. The Black/White is good for glare. We also sell the Black/White sighter Two-Tone Tippet from RIO.

Rio InTouch Technical Trout Fly Line

RIO - InTouch Technical Trout Fly Line

Late summer conditions bring on more techy trout situations. Casting a larger diameter clunky fly line doesn't help with your low, clear water presentation. RIO just released this New InTouchTechnical Trout Fly Line built on their very low stretch InTouch core. What makes this line so special for presenting flies delicately is the long, fine front taper, coupled with a long head and rear taper for excellent loop control at distance. The weight distribution also aids in turning over long leaders. Note though, this line is for smaller flies... not your chubby chernobyls of spring. Think rising trout and stealthy conditions. But don't just limit this line to rising trout, it will work well with soft hackles and lightly weighted nymphs.

Note: Currently we are stocking just the 4wt since we live in a popular 4wt area for late summer fishing, but can certainly get you another size if need be.

This line pairs nicely with the following rods: