Wet Wading Wednesday

Sean Visintainer - 07/24/19

Casting dry flies with the Scott G Series Fly Rod.

Wet and Wild

Wet wading Wednesday edition for ya. It's a scorcher this week, especially compared to the rest of the year so far. No complaints though, we have been really lucky. Hope the rest of the summer stays like our June and July.

Great week to be wet wading. A pair of boots with guard socks, or river shoes, with quick dry shorts is how I roll. Flip flops if I'm in the boat and know that I won't be getting out. I haven't worn waders in months. Wet wading season for me starts about mid to end of May, depending on the weather.

Still plenty of good options right now even with the heat. The St. Joe, NF Clearwater, Kelly Creek, Spokane River are some main ones. The Kootenai is a solid choice this time of the year too all July and August this river runs mega cold. Further into Montana the streams are still full of water. Go for a two day fishing bender maybe? I know I will be. It's fishing season!

Afternoon doldrums grab a cold drink and take a siesta, wait for the evening to cool off.

Need guard socks we got 'em. Need new wading shoes? Got those too. Wading boots? Yup. Sun gloves and buffs? Yes of course. Some links below, more online and in-store!

A fine summertime rainbow trout.
Taking a beer break while wet wading and fishing the Scott G Series fly rod.