Seasons on the Fly UV Resins

Sean Visintainer - 01/31/19

Seasons on the Fly UV Curable Adhesive and UV Light

Seasons on the Vice

I'm very excited to see our long time friend and fly tying extraordinaire Greg Heister enter the world of fly tying products. Many of you that live around the region will recognize Greg as the host of Seasons on the Fly and our hometown announcer for college basketball team the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

I've known Greg for many, many years and have always admired his work as an Atlantic salmon fly tier. His exquisitely finished salmon flies feature rare and exotic feathers many folks have never even heard of, not to mention the many painstaking hours it takes to finish a pattern. Along with his passion for Atlantic salmon patterns, Greg has traveled the world chasing numerous species and typically ties his is own flies in pursuit of the world's greatest game fish. When Greg is not filming his fly fishing show, Seasons on the Fly, or announcing college hoops, he can be found in Alaska as the owner and operator of Seasons on the Fly Lodge on the Kvichak River. It is a natural transition for Greg to enter the fly tying world. With numerous connections in the industry he was able to source top quality resins for fly tiers.

To kick off his product line he has two variations of UV Resin. A clear thick, and a clear thin. I've been using each of these on my euro nymphs, streamers, dries and emergers. Both have been excellent to use. The thick will build up bodies quickly, think copper john backs, epoxy heads, scud backs, and more. The thin is for detail work and doubles as a nice head cement. I really like the thin on slender bodied patterns like Perdigon nymphs or quill bodies that you want to coat. I haven't touch regular head cement in years after products like this have came to the market. Just apply the resin where you want it, hit it with the UV light for a few seconds, BAM!, done.

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