UV Curable Adhesive - Thin

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The ultimate UV curable fishing glue.

Seasons on the Fly UV Thin Resin is perfect for low build-up applications where minimal glue or thickness is desired. UV Thin is ideal for thin, fast sinking euro flies like Pardigons or finishing thread heads without a lot of extra bulk.

One minute cure time under 395 Nanometer UV light spectrum. Will not cure until exposed to UV light or direct sunlight therefore allowing for complete control of working time!


  • Premium all-around fishing adhesive
  • No-tack formulation
  • Excellent bond for most natural and synthetic materials
  • Does not whiten or soften under water
  • Made in the USA


  • Manufacturer: Seasons on the Fly
  • Manufacturer Part Number: UV01C010SF
  • UPC: 0857157007103