Intro To Carp Fishing - Part Two

Kenyon Pitts - 08/05/21

Bo Brand casting for carp in the shallows.

Google maps is your friend

In the Eastern and Central Washington area, we are pretty fortunate to have a broad variety of locations to explore for carp. Anything from small lakes, large reservoirs, rivers and irrigation ditches, the options are endless. The WDFW Website is a good resource for finding bodies of water with carp in them. You would also be surprised how much information is out there with a simple internet search.

Using Google Maps and other satellite image programs is a great tool for scouting out potential spots. Typically, you will want to look for areas of shallow water with a flat grade on the bank. Areas that offer a high vantage point can also be helpful for locating and spotting fish. While using online resources helps shorten the learning curve, nothing can replace going out and putting some miles on your boots. Covering water can make a huge difference in your success for a day of fishing.

Once you've found some likely looking water, there are a few things to look for:

  • Signs of carp in the area. There could be fish jumping, feed marks on the bottom, or surface disturbance from fish moving around.

  • Soft, light colored bottom. This makes approaching fish much easier, and gives better contrast for sight fishing.

  • Actively feeding fish. If you see mud clouds or a tail breaking the surface, it is game on!

Check back for part three, where we will give a few more tips on how to make your presentation and stick a few fish. If you missed part one you can check it out here

Bo Brand scouting for carp.
Bo Brand scouting for carp.
Bo Brand scouting for carp.