Fishing: Is and Was

Sean Visintainer - 05/12/21

Fly fishing the St. Joe River in Idaho for cutthroat trout.

Create your own fishing reports.

How has the fishing been? The fishing WAS good.

This conversation often occurs at the shop and was brought up recently between Bo and I regarding fishing reports.

Fishing reports for most fly shops or tackle shops are all PAST tense.

I'm sure you have heard of the old fishing joke/tale... "shoulda been here yesterday!"

I also fall victim to hearing good reports and then jumping on the bandwagon of checking the location out, only to find that the fishing is less than stellar and maybe mediocre at best.

That's because conditions change daily on the water.

Perhaps the water temps have changed, perhaps barometric pressure is changing, perhaps the water levels dropped (or rose), etc.

Rather than wait to hear if the fishing WAS good... why not create your own fishing report and see if the fishing IS good?

Food for thought...