• Spokane River, Washington

  • Hatches


  • The Fishing

    The Spokane River has been good for our guide crew the past week. Dry / dropper rigs are a great way to fish during lower water. Water temps are plenty cool for the trout and evening fishing has been solid too reports both Mike and Luke from the shop. You can certainly bobber or euro fish as well. Terrestrial season is everywhere around the west so mix some hoppers into your fly box too.

  • Current Flow

    863 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Lower River / Post Falls

    USGS Water-data graph Spokane River Washington State
  • NF CDA - North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

  • Hatches

    Yellow Sallies

  • The Fishing

    Same deal from the North Fork Coeur d'Alene River right now, the dog days of summer have arrived early!

    The two best tips for summer fishing right now:

    1 - Fish early, be done early
    2 - Focus on the riffle water

    Other notes: terrestrial season is underway so make sure to pack your hoppers, ants, and beetles for the rest of the summer. You will probably see a couple caddis, yellow sallies, and maybe a pmd or two out as well. Attractors are always good prospecting patterns right now. A hopper with a 2-3' hopper

    There are some fires up here 1 mile south of the Coeur d'Alene River, near Prichard.

    For more up-to-date wildfire info:

  • Current Flow

    Prichard = 94.2 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Prichard

    Cataldo = 310 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Cataldo

    USGS Water-data graph North Fork of the Coeur d' Alene Idaho
  • USGS Water-data graph North Fork of the Coeur d' Alene Idaho
  • St. Joe River, Idaho

  • Hatches

    Yellow Sallies

  • The Fishing

    I got up to the St. Joe River yesterday for a quick fish. The river was smokey in the morning but by early afternoon the smoke had cleared out of the Avery area and below. Fish were interested in smaller hoppers, ants, and attractors. Definitely focus on the riffles and faster slots. A euro, bobber, or long dropper through those areas will also rack up some nice fish and/or numbers. Pretty quiet up there and fishing was decent for the short trip. I didn't make it up to the slide area, but there is plenty of water below that.

    Smoke has been varied day-to-day depending on the wind. Gold Creek road is open if you are looking to access the upper St. Joe. The main St. Joe River Road is still closed due to a rock slide at approximately mile 68.

    For more info copy and paste this link your browser: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/7627/

  • Current Flow

    Red Ives = 117 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Red Ives

    Calder = 496 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Calder

    USGS Water-data graph North Fork of the St Joe Rover at Red Ives Idaho
  • USGS Water-data graph St Joe River Idaho
  • Miscellaneous

  • The Fishing

    NF Clearwater / Kelly Creek -
    Will be a good option all summer. Mornings have been best. Don't forget terrestrials from here out until fall hits. Some caddis and pmd's out as well, yellow sallies too. Focus on the riffles and faster slots.

    Kootenai River -
    Always a cold, great summer option. Caddis, pmd's, hoppers, and chernobyls all good.

    Montana -
    Make sure to check out Hoot-owl restrictions. A bunch of new restrictions go into effect 7/21


  • Steelhead Rivers

  • The Fishing

    No smallmouth bass reports as of late from the Grande Ronde. It should be fine, though with the heat morning hours will be best.

  • Current Flows

    Grande Ronde River at Troy - 436 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Troy

    USGS Water-data graph Grande Ronde River Washington State

    Snake River at Anatone - 16500 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Anatone

    USGS Water-data graph Snake River Washington State

    Clearwater River at Spalding - 7290 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Spalding

    USGS Water-data graph Clearwater River Idaho State

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