• NF CDA - North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

  • Hatches

    October Caddis - a couple.

  • Flies

    Double Post ant
    Hippie Stomper
    Pink Pookie
    Mini Nobles - purple, red
    Ants / Beetles!
    Flashback PT's
    Lightning Bugs
    Soft Hackle Lightning Bug
    Small Copper Johns

    Buggers - olive or olive yellow

  • The Fishing

    Still good on the NF Coeur d'Alene River and should be all fall. Find the deeper slots and ones further off the road for best success. Small dries like purple haze, caddis, ants, beetles are finding some fish. A few October caddis out but fish aren't on them yet. No reports of mahoganies either. Hoppers / chernobyls will find a few still while that window is shrinking. Streamers through any of the slots will find some bigger fish usually. Sculpings or sparkle minnow types will get it done.

  • Current Flow

    Prichard = 80.7 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Prichard

    Cataldo = 287 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Cataldo

    USGS Water-data graph North Fork of the Coeur d' Alene Idaho
  • USGS Water-data graph North Fork of the Coeur d' Alene Idaho
  • St. Joe River, Idaho

  • Hatches

    A couple October caddis

  • Flies

    D&D Cripple PMD
    Sparkle Dun PMD
    Ant-acid - cinnamon
    Cinnamon Parachute Ant
    CFO Chernobyl - red or flesh
    Walmart Chubby
    Foam Beetles
    BH Caddis pupa
    Batman Nymph
    Jig Nymphs - prince, copper johns, lightning bugs, pt's
    Sculpin patterns
    Big Bird Bugger

  • The Fishing

    More good reports from the St. Joe the past few days. Some October caddis out reported our friend Dave K. but fish weren't interested in them, same for the moths that were out. Hoppers, pmds, purple haze all worked in the deeper slots. Nymphing or streamer in the morning hours before things warm up is a good plan. No mahoganies yet but throw a few in your box in-case. Still a mix of some summer bugs/water and fall/slower water. Mid morning to early evening is fishing well. Great place to be.

  • Current Flow at Calder

    326 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Calder

    USGS Water-data graph St Joe River Idaho
  • Spokane River, Washington

  • Hatches

    Cream Midges

  • Flies

    Chubbies - red, purple
    Walmart Chubby
    BLT Hoppers
    CFO Chernobyls - peach, red
    Jig Nymphs
    Soft Hackles
    Bloody Marys
    BH Prince
    Pat's Rubber legs
    Double bead stones
    Partridge Caddis Pupa
    Mr. Creepo streamers
    Big Bird Buggers
    Sparkle Minnows

  • The Fishing

    Not much has changed this past week on the Spokane, the river is still fishing well. The guide crew has been doing well and we have done well on personal days. Dry/droppers have been the way to go for the most part. A chubby, cfo chernobyl, or foam hopper with a 3' dropper underneath will get it done. Some consistent action on the foam dries, definitely action on the dropper nymphs. Fall caddis have been hatching so caddis droppers or caddis as a second fly on the double nymph rig, or swinging softies is a good call. A couple October caddis but not big numbers. Streamer fishing is good. Many colors have worked... black, sparkle, olive/yellow, etc.

    We have been playing around with Euro nymphing on the river with great success! Lots of euro rods, lines, leader, etc in stock!

  • Current Flow

    1440 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Lower River / Post Falls

    USGS Water-data graph Spokane River Washington State
  • Miscellaneous

  • The Fishing

    NF Clearwater / Kelly Creek -
    Chilly mornings in this area last week. Wayne Jordan said his friends did well with droppers and nymphs. Dry fly fishing sucked. That doesn't mean it will suck for the rest of the year, just sucked last weekend. That's fishing. Should be worth going for another 3-4 weeks. Plan on October caddis, mahoganies, some terrestrials for another 1-2 weeks. Nymphing / streamers for sure.

  • Steelhead Rivers

  • Flies

    Clearwater -
    Clearwater Crusher
    Macks Canyon
    Purple Peril
    Hoh Bo Spey

  • The Fishing

    Grande Ronde -
    Mike and Kelby fished the Grande Ronde River yesterday near Boggan's. Zero steelhead. Mike did confirm seeing one in the water as they floated, but no love from any. Mike connected with a chinook and a number of nice sized smolt, bass, etc. Water temps were below 60 degrees at Boggan's in the morning. Probably another 1-2 weeks before any number of fish start to show up in the Grande Ronde. This is pretty typical for right now on the Grande Ronde no matter how many fish are returning. Later September it will pick up.

    Clearwater River -
    A few steelhead being caught on the lower Clearwater. We know of 4 fish caught from the group of people we talk too. Not many, but just a few. Mostly down at the stink hole. Purple traditionals have picked up most. Usual Clearwater River... it will KICK YOUR ASS even on the best of years.

    Boggan's Oasis is just about open for business again. Yes, they rebuilt it. I'm as surprised as you are. Mike showed me photos, looks good.

    Also, Anatone Cafe is open for business and kicking out some killer food! Make sure to check it out on the way to the upper Grande Ronde or the Shumaker area.

  • Current Flows

    Grande Ronde River at Troy - 553 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Troy

    USGS Water-data graph Grande Ronde River Washington State

    Snake River at Anatone - 18700 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Anatone

    USGS Water-data graph Snake River Washington State

    Clearwater River at Spalding - 6190 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Spalding

    USGS Water-data graph Clearwater River Idaho State