• NF CDA - North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

  • Hatches


  • The Fishing

    Same deal this week! Tuber hatch is in full swing on the North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene River, so either go early and be done early, go further up river, or just deal with tubers! Terrestrials are picking up fish (small hoppers/ants/beetles), caddis, and few pmd's. Definitely focus on riffle water and heads of pools where the riffles dump in. While the North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene is still worth fishing, late July/August is generally the tougher time of the year as temps heat up.

  • Current Flow

    Prichard = 146 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Prichard

    Cataldo = 501 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Cataldo

    USGS Water-data Flow Graph North Fork of the Coeur d' Alene Idaho
  • USGS Water-data Flow Graph North Fork of the Coeur d' Alene Idaho
  • St. Joe River, Idaho

  • Hatches

    Yellow Sallies

  • The Fishing

    August fishing on the St. Joe is pretty typical... mornings are best, afternoons a bit slower, some evening action. Terrestrial / attractor time now with hoppers, ants, beetles, purple haze, humpies, small stimies, etc. Still some action on goldens, pmd's, and of course caddis. Focusing on riffles and boulder strewn runs will be top areas to find fish. Tubers from Avery and downstream!

  • Current Flow

    Red Ives = 154 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Red Ives

    Calder = 686 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Calder

    USGS Water-data Flow Graph North Fork of the St Joe Rover at Red Ives Idaho
  • USGS Water-data Flow Graph St Joe River Idaho
  • Spokane River, Washington

  • Hatches


  • The Fishing

    Same deal this week on the Spokane River. Go early or late. The Spokane River temps are fine in the heat thanks to our aquifer. Fishing chernobyls with droppers is a great way to prospect as the river levels get lower. Focus on the riffles. Caddis pupa, jig patterns, swinging soft hackles... all working!

  • Current Flow

    1270 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Lower River / Post Falls

    USGS Water-data Flow Graph Spokane River Washington State
  • Miscellaneous

  • The Fishing

    Hoot-owl restrictions going in place on Montana rivers. Cut & paste this URL for more info: https://fwp.mt.gov/news/current-closures-restrictions/waterbody-closures

    Usual places like the North Fork Clearwater / Kelly Creek fishing well. Terrestrials, stones, caddis, pmd's, and attractors. Nymph the faster slots or run longer droppers in the afternoon.

  • Steelhead Rivers

  • The Fishing

    Grande Ronde - time to bass fish!

  • Current Flows

    Grande Ronde River at Troy - 694 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Troy

    USGS Water-data Flow Graph Grande Ronde River Washington State

    Snake River at Anatone - 21900 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Anatone

    USGS Water-data Flow Graph Snake River Washington State

    Clearwater River at Spalding - 13900 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Spalding

    USGS Water-data Flow Graph Clearwater River Idaho State

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