• NF CDA - North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

  • Hatches

    March browns
    Grey drakes
    Brown drakes
    Yellow sallies

  • The Fishing

    Kenyon was up fishing on the North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene River yesterday. Fishing was pretty good for him and former summertime shop help Luke. They had best fishing with heavy euro nymph rigs. Reports from the weekend included good salmonfly fishing on the lower and mid stretches as well as some decent drake activity. Water levels are on the rise now today and will probably make it a bit more challenging and limited. Kenyon said it was pretty limited on Monday for good spots. Levels probably won't get out of hand for too long... hopefully. Still lots of trees in the roads and some snow above mile 35.

  • Current Flow

    Prichard = 2430 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Prichard

    Cataldo = 6800 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Cataldo

    USGS Water-data graph North Fork of the Coeur d' Alene Idaho
  • USGS Water-data graph North Fork of the Coeur d' Alene Idaho
  • St. Joe River, Idaho

  • Hatches

    March browns
    Grey drakes
    Yellow Sallies

  • The Fishing

    Mike ventured up the St. Joe River late last week. Conditions were colder and fishing was slower for him. He did manage some fish but mostly was up there to check out conditions. He drove as far as Gold Creek no problem. As temps warm expect fishing to improve, though with as much snow as we have still in the back country expect fluctuating water levels. Another friend fished the St. Joe this weekend and said fishing alright for a couple hours while fish were up feeding. Water temps were cold he reported as well.

  • Current Flow

    Red Ives = 1360 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Red Ives

    Calder = 8180 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Calder

    USGS Water-data graph North Fork of the St Joe Rover at Red Ives Idaho
  • USGS Water-data graph St Joe River Idaho
  • Miscellaneous

  • The Fishing

    Coffeepot Lake has been improving and fishing well with chironomids.

    West Medical has been good as well. Medical has been up-and-down for reports.

    Fish Lake was alright reported Jesse from the shop. He said a couple hours of fishing was productive with balanced leeches under an indicator. Black or olive, didn't matter.

  • Spokane River, Washington

  • Hatches


  • The Fishing

    The Spokane River from Nine Mile Falls Dam to the WA/ID stateline is NOW CLOSED until the Saturday before Memorial Day (May 28th this year)

  • Current Flow

    17600 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Lower River / Post Falls

    USGS Water-data graph Spokane River Washington State
  • Steelhead Rivers

  • The Fishing

    Thanks for following our fishing reports this season!

    Fingers crossed for a better return next season. We are hanging up the reports for the season. Fish were caught this year and some folks did get down to the Ronde, Snake, and Clearwater.

  • Current Flows

    Grande Ronde River at Troy - 8180 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Troy

    USGS Water-data graph Grande Ronde River Washington State

    Snake River at Anatone - 62500 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Anatone

    USGS Water-data graph Snake River Washington State

    Clearwater River at Spalding - 45500 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Spalding

    USGS Water-data graph Clearwater River Idaho State

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