• NF CDA - North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

  • Hatches


  • The Fishing

    The North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene River has been a good pre-runoff option. Usual nymph stuff for this time of the year... san juans, pat's rubber legs, double bead stones, hot bead nymphes, etc. Streamers go with something like sculpzillas, meat sweats, sparkle minnow types. Some dry fly fishing to be had with midges and bwo's. Nemoura and skwala stone fishing should start up soon.

  • Current Flow

    Prichard = 294 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Prichard

    Cataldo = 1330 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Cataldo

    USGS Water-data Flow Graph North Fork of the Coeur d' Alene Idaho
  • USGS Water-data Flow Graph North Fork of the Coeur d' Alene Idaho
  • St. Joe River, Idaho

  • Hatches


  • The Fishing

    The St. Joe River is starting to thaw out, thanks Steve H. for the report over the weekend. Wade fishing will be challenging due to the ice ledges and snow along the banks. Anglers that are highly motivated can get rafts or pontoons in at Huckleberry CG (still snow/ice) and takeout at Calder, Calder launch has been cleared. No reports from 16mile, but because its mostly shaded I can pretty much guarantee that it's not clear yet. Fish are still in the winter style water so winter style tactics will still apply. Nymphing and streamers nymphed deep in slower currents, runs, and pools. No dry fly fishing yet here, but it should be very soon with mild weather in the forecast.

  • Current Flow

    Red Ives = Affected by ice ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Red Ives

    Calder = 843 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Calder

    USGS Water-data Flow Graph North Fork of the St Joe Rover at Red Ives Idaho
  • USGS Water-data Flow Graph St Joe River Idaho
  • Miscellaneous

  • The Fishing

    Coffeepot is ice free and fishing decent. Standard chironomids and balanced leeches. The lake is down about 4ft and the boat launch area is only about 2ft deep so launching big boats may be a problem.

    The majority of Amber lake is now ice free and very fishable. The water is quite low so exercise caution if you intend to launch a boat. Standard early season fly selections should do the job such as balanced leeches, larger chironomids, worm patterns or blobs.

    Medical Lake is still frozen as of Monday 3/20 with 4" of ice.

  • Steelhead Rivers

  • The Fishing

    We are wrapping up the steelhead reports for the year as we approach mid-March, time to let them do their thing as the season winds down.

    Overall the 22/23 season was pretty decent, the swinging was a little slow outta the gates, but as fall progressed it seemed to improve. Once November hit though fishing everywhere got tough with the arctic like weather we had shortly after Halloween. November, December, and part of January had very limited windows for good fishing. The late winter the steelheading was pretty consistent on the Clearwater and Grande Ronde with some reasonable weather and water conditions.

    Fingers crossed for a good return later this year! We will start reporting again as September approaches. Thanks for following along!

  • Current Flows

    Grande Ronde River at Troy - 2590 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Troy

    USGS Water-data Flow Graph Grande Ronde River Washington State

    Snake River at Anatone - 20500 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Anatone

    USGS Water-data Flow Graph Snake River Washington State

    Clearwater River at Spalding - 8310 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Spalding

    USGS Water-data Flow Graph Clearwater River Idaho State
  • Spokane River, Washington

  • Hatches


  • The Fishing

    Spokane River is closed for the season.

    Hopefully everyone had a great winter season on the river, now its time to let the fish do their thing until the river reopens on May 27th. Fishing wrapped up strong with some decent weather finally, and a few more actively feeding fish. We will see you all out there come Summer time!

  • Current Flow

    4300 ft3/sec
    Prediction Flow - Lower River / Post Falls

    USGS Water-data Flow Graph Spokane River Washington State

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