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Winston Saltwater Air Rod fly rods are the culmination of the celebrated Winston "feel" and a high performance sports car. Winston has always been known for the classic actions, now the new Saltwater Air bucks that tradition and launches Winston into the top of the fast action rod arena.

Wind? No problem. Lifting Power? No problem. Short range to long range shots? No problem. Thanks to Winston's proprietary SuperSilica lightweight resin combined with Boron III technology the Saltwater Air offers fast recovery rates and incredible line speed. A faster mid-section for enhanced line control and powerful butt sections for lifting strength with the ability to turn fish quickly. The Winston Saltwater Air fly rod series is unapologetically fast while retaining the versatility of the Winston feel.

9′ 6wt – Air Salt is a rod that will probably cross over into multiple areas. An ultralight bonefish rod, think Belize sized bones (sub 20″) and non-windy days. Would be a blast in calm water when casting to tailers. The 6wt Air Salt is light enough though it should be equally at home on a large western trout rivers tossing meaty streamers. A big dry fly rod? No, too much rod. But big sink tips and big trout, yet for sure. I’m guessing it will be a killer beach rod for sea run cutthroat or small cohos.

Sean Visintainer - Owner of the Silver Bow Fly Shop

The 9′ 7wt – Air Salt. 7wt’s are the redheaded stepchild of the rod world. Overlooked by most of the market but with so much potential. I felt that this 7wt was super light and super smooth. We were casting it with the Airflo Bomber line which is a long taper line designed for salmon fishing, which I felt was super smooth on the rod. I think this rod will be on my hit list for my next bonefishing excursion as the go-to stick.

Sean Visintainer - Owner of the Silver Bow Fly Shop

The 9′ 8wt – Air Salt was an interesting rod. Interesting in a good way, cuz none of these rods are bad! At first we didn’t have quite the right line on it. It was a Airflo Tropical Punch and we think it was actually a 9wt (not labeled). After switching to a Rio Flats Pro the rod frickin’ jammed. Short, long, didn’t matter. A powerful and light 8wt rod.

Sean Visintainer - Owner of the Silver Bow Fly Shop


  • Action: Fast
  • Sections: 4
  • Blank: Advanced Boron III - Advanced carbon fiber combined with our SuperSilica lightweight resin system to improve toughness and durability
  • Color: New stealth matte Winston Green finish
  • Real Seat: Charcoal Gray uplocking, anodized aluminum with double locking rings and 1 ½” fighting butt. Engraved with company signature logo.
  • Grip: Full Wells with Fighting Butt
  • Guides: Hard chrome titanium colored snake guides with nanolite stripping guides
  • Rod Tube: Premium graphite rod tube with embroidered logo rod sock
  • Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana, USA


  • Manufacturer: R. L. Winston Rod Company
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