Knot Tyer Combo Tool

Item # 4777


The Tie-Fast Combo Tool combines the Tie-Fast Knot Tyer with a heavy duty line clipper, an eye cleaner, a hook sharpener and a D-ring to use for easy attachment. The knot tyer will help tie a variety of knots including the nail knot. The clipper jaws are razor sharp and can be re-sharpened. This tools finish is the dull silver stainless steel which doesn't have glare that could spook weary fish.

The Tie-Fast Combo Tool is the perfect tool for tying Nail Knots. Using the Nail Knot technique and Knot Tyer end of the tool, you can secure the following knots:

  • End Tie / Loose Tie
  • Shank Tie / Egg Loops
  • Fly Fisherman's Nail Knot / Needle Nail Knot
  • Nail Knot Splice for tapered leaders

Each knot will have nearly 100% knot strength. Many Fishing Guides firmly believe in the Nail Knot for its efficiency and reliability.

The line clipper is hand finished to a razor sharp edge and has the unique ability to be re-sharpened.

Eye cleaner can be used for removing debris from the eye of tackle and is also handy for wind knot untangling.

Hook sharpener is used to hone hooks and other tacke.


  • Color - Silver
  • Made in USA


  • Manufacturer: Sierra Stream & Mountain
  • Manufacturer Part Number:
  • UPC: 099123971717