The official shop greeter.

Ed Visintainer giving his master Sean a patented Chomp Lick on the banks of the lower Coeur d'Alene River. Eddy enjoying a tasty rock along the banks of the Grande Ronde River. Ed letting the wind blow through his golden locks, what a life. The Drake Magazine not only appeals to fly fisherman but to their dogs as well. Eddy taking in some sun after a swim in the Grande Ronde River. Edward giving the puppy dog eyes looking for some love. Our fly fishing dog on point along the banks of the St. Joe River. Eddy making sure his stick doesn't go anywhere on the St. Joe river pre-runoff. The best back seat driver you can have while fishing. Eddy delivering the mail at the Silver Bow Fly Shop. Ed relaxing in the grass along an Idaho cutthroat river. Ed and Sean sharing a moment while steelheading on the Grande Ronde River in Washington. Eddy utilizing the Simms Boat Bag for a pillow during an afternoon nap. Ed and Sean getting ready to fish a run on the lower St. Joe River. Ed taking a break while Sean checks out a run on the Grande Ronde. I don't understand uncle Mike? Sean and Ed getting amped for a day of steelheading on the Grande Ronde River near Boggan's.