Tom Larimer Spey Clinics

Every year we have our good friend Tom Larimer come up from Oregon to help teach our Spey Clinics. Tom is the designer of the extremely popular Airflo Compact Skagit Heads, Compact Switch Heads, and the New Rage Head. He also owns one of the most respected fishing outfitted business in Oregon and has numerous fly patterns to his name. Our classes with Tom are designed for both beginner and advanced Spey Casters.

The group intently listens to Tom Larimer talk about the fundamentals of Spey Casting in his intro class. Tom Larimer of Larimer Outfitters teaches the students about constant load on the rod with his plate analogy on the banks of the Spokane River. The class watches Tom demonstrate Spey Casting on the Spokane River. The students soak in all the information Tom Larimer gives them in his intro to Spey Casting clinic. The students of the beginner Spey Class with the Silver Bow watch as he demonstrates. The clinics we provide at the Silver Bow will provide you with years of information in a simple and fun manner. A student practices his D-Loop on the Spokane River. A student launches a huge cast as Sean Visintainer instructs another in the background. Airflo spey line designer Tom Larimer talks in more detail to the afternoon advance Spey Class. Mr. Larimer teaches the advance class about proper loading techniques for Spey Casting. Tom Larimer watches Silver Bow customer Gary B. work on more advance Spey casting mechanics. Sean Visintainer shows dedicated Silver Bow Enthusiast Thatcher B. a couple casting tips in the advance Spey class. The advance class getting their final instruction from Tom Larimer on Spey Casting mechanics.

Fairchild Air Force Base learns to
fly fish!

Sean Visintainer, owner of the Silver Bow Fly Shop, and Andy Breneman took a trip out to Fairchild Air Force Base to teach some of Americas dedicated troops a little about fly fishing during their off time.

Students intently watch Sean Visintainer rig a leader set up for fly fishing. The students from Fairchild get casting pointers from Silver Bow Instructor Andy Breneman. The guys from Fairchild pose on a chilly afternoon after completion of the Silver Bow Intro to fly fishing Class.

Beginner Fly Fishing

Angela Morgan instructs the Beginner Fly Fishing Class students how to properly cast at nearby Maribeau Park. Angela demonstrates the proper casting stroke to a student in the Intro to Fly Fishing Class at Maribeau Park. Students in the Beginner Fly Fishing Course study the basics like entomology at the shop.