Long considered one of the best destinations for it's abundance of large boneā€¦ and we agree!

Sean Visintainer holding a small baby tarpon he caught using his Winston MX fly rod and Hatch 9 plus fly reel. Sean releasing a nice Bahama Bonefish on a large flat he fished during June. Sean casting for sharks along a Bahama beach. Numerous storms made the flats difficult to fish, so the beaches made a great alternative. A Bonefish swimming away after being caught on a southern Bahamas flat. Sean Visintainer admiring a Bahama sunset on one of the many white sandy beaches. Seconds after this photo a 100+ pound tarpon went airborne about 50 yards from the shore... timing is everything. The new Bauer CFX Reel fixed to a Winston MX 8wt rod. We brought along vehicle rod racks for easy transporting of our rods and reels while on the island. Sean holding a hefty Bahama Bonefish for the camera. This Bonefish tail when held in the right light had a beautiful iridescent blue pearl color to it. Sean holding another good average 2 pound Bonefish. This was one of many fish that day. Sean Visintainer admiring a large Bonefish prior to release. Mike and Sean Visintainer with a double hookup on large Bonefish. This shot was actually incredibly hard to get when you don't have a third person! The fish accidentally drenched Mike's Nikon right as he shot the photo. A lizard clinging onto a chunk of cement. Thousand of lizards covered the roads as you drove from flat to flat. Mike Visintainer holding one of his last Bonefish he caught in the final hour of fishing the last day. Mike's holding his final and largest Bonefish that he caught the last day. A Bahama Bonefish swimming away after a good fight looks as if it is suspended in air the water is so clear. Sean tied an all rubber Bonefish fly that just crushed Bonefish during the trip. He only tied one so Mike was left hanging. A very vivid Bahamas sunrise in June near the hotel. Sean dressed like a flats ninja casting to Bonefish. An old rundown church on the island that had a creepy appearance to it. A Bonefish coming in for release with Sean's Bonefish Rubber pattern stuck in it's mouth. Mike Visintainer releasing his largest Bonefish of the trip to the Bahamas. Sean's reel is getting line pulled out by a Bonefish while Mike fights his fish off in the distance. An upclose shot of a bonefish's eye. Sean Visintainer posing with an average Bonefish in the Bahamas... oh darn huh? One of many flowers that cover the landscape in the Bahamas. Sean Visintainer walking the plank to First Cast Flat and trying not to fall into the canal! A huge moth almost the size of your hand outside our hotel room balcony. Our favorite fly reel for the saltwater the Hatch 7 plus hanging on mangrove. Sean Visintainer using the new Tempest Pliers from Hatch Outdoors to remove the fly from a bonefish. 2 Heads are better than one. Sean posing with his Bonefish. A lovely Heineken bottle posing for it's photo shoot on the white sandy beach. A bonefish barely breaks the surface as it looks for it's next meal. Sean Visintainer hooked up with a Bahama Bonefish on his favorite flat. A very colorful moth lays quietly on a pink chair outside of Mike's hotel room. Sean Visintainer trying to shake loose a small Jack that missed his fly. Sean releasing a torpedo shaped Bonefish in the Bahamas. Sean Visintainer releasing his largest Bonefish of the trip. This bone was actually one of the fish caught in the double with his brother. Bahama lizards doing it lizard style while Mike takes photos for the next months issue of Lizard Hustler. A Bahama lizard poses for the paparazzi. A small mangrove bush in the middle of bonefish flat makes a great spot for fish to wrap your line around and break free. Mike Visintainer releasing the ghost of the flats. While this is a larger bone the fish are still incredibly hard to see. A Bahama Bonefish ready to give you some love. Mike risked life and death to get this shot of crashing waves... not really. These waves are only a couple inches tall. This Bonefish gives us the evil eye while he pester him for a couple quick shots. Sean Visintainer releasing an early morning Bonefish in the southern Bahamas. Sean scouting the salt pond flats in between rain showers. A Bonefish poses for us behind a Scott S4 8wt rod. Mike Visintainer doing his patent Bonefish palming pose for the camera. Sean Visintainer scouting for fishy activity in the canals connecting the salt pond flats. This girthy Bonefish is ready for release as we measure him against the Winston MX rod. Sean on the final moments of daylight his last day casting to a Permit... all 5 inches of it. Size does not matter when talking permit! Sean Visintainer looking at a nice bonefish he caught before releasing back to the flat. A large 10 foot plus long shark cruising near the beach in the Bahamas. Needless to say we did not snorkel here much. A perfect conch shell on the beach. An old ship probably once used to transport salt and shrimp from the southern end of the island now quietly deteriorates away. Mike Visintainer casting for baby Tarpon and Ladyfish in the last moments of light. The world's largest sink hole at 663' deep! Tarpon, sharks, and many other sea creatures cruise here. Another beautiful sunrise in the Bahamas near our hotel. An underwater shot of a Bonefish swimming away rapidly after a great fight. A bonefish tail slipping out of Sean's hand. A head shot of a baby Tarpon caught in a canal. This photo is actually taken in complete darkness of a few thunderheads rolling into the island. Another bonefish fell prey to a fleeing crab pattern with sili legs. A large Bahama Bonefish is released so he can cruise the flats once again. The Winston MX takes another bonefish on the flats of Long Island, Bahamas.