Fly fishing trips to locations like King Salmon or Anchorage Alaska are important to the shop so we can help our customers be better outfitted on their trips. We feel it is important to know not only local places but locales abroad to better serve our clientele.

Sean Visintainer casting LINE! Sean releasing a red death Sean Visintainer casting among the sockeye in Alaska Sean Visintainer casting on a sunny day in Alaska - Photo By k8 Chad, Bob, and Jeff walking through the tundra of Alaska to fish Morain Creek with the local brown bears. Sean Visintainer with a large Morain Creek rainbow caught on a Purple Egg Sucking Larimer Loop Leech. Sean releasing the swung rainbow after a great fight on a Winston 7wt MX rod. Don't leave home without your bear spray here! Justin Crump snaps a photo of Bob's final chrome Naknek rainbow that smoked line off of his reel. Greg Heister swings flesh flesh flies on the Kvichak during the fading light. Sean Visintainer with a 27 inch bo-bo he swung on the lower flats of the Naknek. Photo by Justin Crump.