Runje Fish Releaser

Item # 3696


The Runje Releaser was created by the late Mike Runje in his effort to conserve fish caught with barbless hooks in catch-and- release waters.

A lightweight tool that makes it a snap to release fish caught with a barbless hook is being produced by members of a Spokane fly fishing club who say it could save countless fish in catch-and-release waters.

The Runje Releaser, designed in the 1980s by the late Mike Runje, became standard equipment on the float tubes and pontoons of many Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club members.

To use it effectively, work the fish in close and hold the rod tip high or take hold of the leader. With the other hand, reach out with the releaser and slip the open wire loop on the leader.

Slide the releaser down the leader over the hook eye to the bend of the hook.

Lift the releaser straight up and the fish will fall off.




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