UV Clear Fly Finish Flow

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Ultra-thin UV-curing resin. Allows infinite work time. Flow is thin enough to work as a head cement replacement, but strong enough to coat heads, bodies and midges. Cures within seconds when exposed to Loon's UV Power Light.

Ideal Uses

  • Thread Heads
  • Coating Wing Cases
  • Coating Eyes
  • Low Profile Midge Bodies
  • Locking Materials in Place
  • Stabilizing Collars
  • Strengthening Biots
  • Low Profile Quill Bodies


  • Ultra-thin UV-curing resin
  • Allows infinite work time
  • Cures instantly when exposed to UV light
  • Cures hard and clear
  • Can be used as head cement replacement
  • Includes brush applicator
  • 1/2 oz
  • Viscosity: 1/10 (Water)
  • Made in USA


  • Manufacturer: Loon Outdoors
  • Manufacturer Part Number: F0100
  • UPC: 0782420001002

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