11 Plus Gen 2 Finatic

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Going, going, NOT gone! When hooked up on large saltwater species like giant trevally, tarpon, or sailfish on thing you won't be hearing is your Hatch 11 Plus Finatic saying is good bye fish! These saltwater beast has the capacity and the brakes to put the clamp down on your bluewater pursuits. This bad boy Hatch 11 Plus delivers top of the line performance for fish the demand the best out of your gear. Built large for large quarry, the 11 Plus Finatic is not your average fly reel and is a must for those traveling to locations known for sea creatures long as your leg... or bigger! The 11 Plus is your 11 or 12 weight power house brake system.

Spool Size - Large Arbor

Four features to the New Gen 2 Finatic Series

  • New Lip Seals + Bearings
    1. Hatch adds more and better seals to the new Gen 2 series with the added lip seal and sealed bearing. Combing these two seals keeps moisture out of the drag housing for years of trouble free performance.
  • New Handle and Counterbalance
    1. By adding a Ultraflon sleeve to the handle shaft and counterbalance the chances for corrosion in these two critical spots has been greatly reduced.
  • New Nine Window Design
    1. By adding more ported windows to the frame design and machining the inside to a concave surface the new Gen 2 Finatics are now lighter without sacrificing strength or structural integrity.
  • New Mist Finish
    1. The new Mist Finish from Hatch smooths out the edges and machining while giving the reel a non-reflective finish for improved on-the-water stealth.

When Hatch Outdoors first came to the market in 2004 we quickly realized they had something going on that no one else did. As one of the very first Hatch Reel dealers ever, we have been with Hatch since the beginning and they have never let us down. Reliability, durability, and a smooth powerful sealed drag system have always been the benchmark of Hatch Outdoors Reels. With their fully machined Finatic reels, you will not find plastic on these. These are premium US manufactured reels are meant for those that demand the best. From design features like the integrated reel foot, to a stacked disc drag providing maximum stopping force, Hatch left no stone unturned when designing the Finatic series of fly reels. If you are looking for bombproof reliability and topnotch craftsmanship, Hatch Outdoor Fly Reels deliver the best.


  • Body: Finatic Gen 2
  • Spool: Large Arbor
  • Finish: Type 2 Anodize
  • Line Weights: 11-12
  • Species: Billfish, GT, Tarpon
  • Diameter: 4.625"
  • Width: 1.5"
  • Weight: 11.28 oz
  • Made in USA


  • Manufacturer: Hatch
  • Manufacturer Part Number: F11P
  • UPC: