Hair Evener

Item # griffin-hair-evener



Griffin Hair Eveners are good, quality hair stackers suitable for many fly tying situations when even tipped hair is desired. Classic patterns like elk hair caddis wings, or royal wulff wings are made easy with the Griffin Hair Evener. Simply place the hair tips down into the large funnel opening tube, tap on tying table a few times, tilt stack on the side and pull brass tube out, exposing evened hair tips. Griffin Hair Eveners come in two sizes for every application.

Standard This model has a knurled base for a sure grip. Overall length 2 3/4". Funnel length 1 3/4". Funnel opening 5/8".

Large - Designed for extra large jobs. This large version is designed for tyers utilizing more hair for bass bugs or saltwater patterns. Its unique hexagonal shape keeps it from rolling off of your tying table. Overall length: 3 1/2", funnel length: 2 3/8", funnel opening: 1"


  • Hexagonal Shape to prevent rolling on table
  • Sturdy design
  • Knurling to better grip
  • Funnel opening
  • Made in Montana


  • Manufacturer: Griffin Enterprises
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