FNF Jelly Fritz - 15 mm

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Advances in technology and materials have allowed FNF to take their award winning Jelly and improve it.

Frozen North has given the material -

  • More Movement
  • Twice the fluorescence
  • Brighter colours
  • Softer in the fish mouths
  • More translucency
  • Still keeping all the other great qualities of original Jelly Fritz. Micro core, easy to use etc.

Jelly Fritz is the number one material of the jelly line up. It comes in three different sizes, meeting any size or need you have for this kind of product.

Now, what is so amazing about this product is the movement that is has in the water. Even when wrapped tightly together for a full thick body, Jelly has an incredible amount of movement, flaring out and pulsating back when pulled through the water.

Then there’s the colors, oh the colors. You will go blind from brightness if you put any Jelly under a UV light, which today we know is a benefit to our fly box, allowing for a stronger presence of color in low light conditions.

It works like a synthetic hackle and a long fiber chenille. You can wrap it nice and tight for a blob fly, booby fly, use it as a hackle on a small bugger, underbody on a larger bugger, a stack chenille for holding up a collar on an intruder, and the list just goes on.


  • Size - 15 mm
  • Imported


  • Manufacturer: FNF Frozen North Fly Fishing
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