Big Nasty

A lot of anglers are intimidated by tying streamer flies, but our Streamer Fly Tying Class will help make those big, nasty flies a breeze to tie. Once you learn how to effectively tie streamer flies the days of catching small trout will be a distant memory, you have now entered the big leagues. While streamer flies are larger, sometimes larger is not necessarily more difficult to tie, this class will help speed up your process.

We teamed up with local tier Bob Newman to teach you 3 streamers in an evening course. We will cover modern techniques and articulated patterns.

Is This Class for Me?
You like big hungry trout and want to tie the patterns to catch them. This class is for tiers that have some basic skills already.

Flies Covered Include
Badass ones like the..

  1. Skiddish Smolt
  2. Sculpins
  3. Articulated patterns.
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  • Bob Newman - Fly Tying Instructor Profile Picture. Bob Newman