Two Handed Spey

If you are tired of wearing yourself out with your single hand rod and want to look like a rock star on the steelhead river then spey casting just might be for you. Spey casting utilizes longer two-handed rods that are extremely efficient for throwing flies at further distances with little effort. Also, because there is very little line that travels behind the caster, spey style casting is exceptionally versatile in situations where you are tight to the bank and have very little room for a back cast. All spey casting techniques can be applied to single hand fly rods too. So next time you're in tight quarters on your favorite trout stream, don't stress, you can still put that fly out there to the feeding trout.

Two Handed Spey Casting Close Up.

No matter whether you are a beginner or have been playing with spey rods for years we have the knowledge, expertise, and time behind the sticks to get you dialed in to becoming a more proficient spey caster. Lessons will be taught on the Spokane River utilizing both river left and river right situations for any cast you need to learn: Snap-T, Double Spey, Single Spey, Snake Roll, Perry's Poke, etc. Presentation and line set-up will also be discussed.

Are these lessons for me?

  1. If you like to swing flies for steelhead and trout or fish on rivers where there is little room for a back cast.
  2. If your shoulders are bothered from regular single-hand casting.
  3. If you fish heavy sink tips or big flies for steelhead or trout.
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