Beginner or Advanced?

Industry professional and spey guru Tom Larimer of Larimer Outfitters has teamed up with Silver Bow Fly Shop to offer Beginner and Advanced Spey Clinics. Tom is considered one of the West's finest spey instructors and steelhead outfitters. Working closely with Airflo Lines, Tom designed the Airflo Skagit Compact, one of the world's most popular spey lines that has revolutionized the sport. He is based out of Hood River near some of the world's finest steelhead rivers. Tom is the National Sales Manager for G.Loomis Fly Fishing.

Also helping with these clinics are Sean Visintainer, owner of the Silver Bow Fly Shop. Sean is on the RL Winston Rod , Scott Rod, and Scientific Anglers Pro Staffs.

Larimer Intro to Spey Casting
This clinic will focus on the fundamentals of spey casting for folks that have little to no experience with a two-hander. Students will learn how to execute a spey cast from start to finish and will receive hands on instruction. Skills learned from the beginner class will be transferable to other types of spey cast.

Larimer Advanced Spey Casting/Technique
Our advanced clinic will focus on dialing in your spey cast, as well as fishing with a two-hander. Students can expect to learn more detail on various types of spey cast and how to incorporate different techniques into each one for changing situations. This class is targeted for anglers with experience, and you should be proficient in the basic spey cast. The advanced clinic will make you a better angler with a two hander.

Spey Casting student lined up on the Spokane River practicing casting.

Clinics with Tom Larimer will be held on the Spokane River. Call the shop for more details or to register - 509-924-9998. Space is limited to 5 students each clinic. Deposit is required before enrollment and is non-refundable.

No gear is required other than wading boots, preferably with studs, because of slick Spokane River rocks. Students may bring their own gear to the clinic, but it is recommended to have Silver Bow Fly Shop examine it to make sure it is properly set up before the clinic date.

Call to Sign Up 509-924-9998

Limited Only 5 Students per Class