Private Fly Fishing Instruction tailored to your needs.
After decades of offering group Intro Fly Fishing Lessons and courses we have found that Private Fly Fishing Lessons offer the best one-on-one instruction tailored to your needs, questions, and abilities. Our Private Lessons can be tailored to whatever it is you need help with and we will have you dialed in no time.

Beginner Fly Angler?
For beginner fly anglers we recommend one hour. Within that hour we can teach you the basics of fly casting, and how to rig your gear and even throw a little entomology / fly lesson in if time allows. This lesson is held at the Silver Bow Fly Shop.

The next best step after a private fly fishing lesson is to book a guided fly fishing trip. Our guides are excellent instructors (they teach most of our private lessons) and can work with you for the day on the water with casting, mending, reading water, hook setting, fly selection, and typically fighting fish!

Hourly Rate

  • $100/hour - 1 or 2 Students (Preferred)
  • $50/hour - Additional Student

Schedule a Lesson 509-924-9998 (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays)