An Advanced Fly Tying Class

Learning patterns is one thing, but knowing how to tie more effectively will take you to the next level. Our Advanced Fly Tying Course is designed to do exactly that. Our instructor, Bob Newman, will show you how to tie patterns that involve techniques for hair wings, foam, stinger hooks, and more. You will not only learn how to tie the different patterns, but also how to make your flies look like they came from a professional.

Bob will teach you 6 patterns and the techniques to make you a better fly tier in our two night course. As with all of our courses we will provide the tools/materials for use during those nights. You are more than welcome to bring your own vise and tools though.

Is this class for me?
Fly Tying Level Two Course is for tiers that are proficient in the basic fly tying steps and are looking to further their skills.

Flies Covered Include:

  1. Beadhead Prince
  2. Chernobyl
  3. Stimulator
  4. Royal Wulff
  5. Streamer
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