Want to start tying? Perfect!

The Intro Fly Tying Class will start from scratch and is great for anyone who has never tried their luck at fly tying. This fly tying class is also ideal for anyone wanting to correct old habits or prefers hands-on instruction rather than online videos.

Learn how to tie flies in this 3-hour class, step-by- step! Our Intro Fly Tying Course is designed to be fun and informative while keeping things simple. We will start the class by discussing the various tools and materials used in fly tying. After that we’ll jump right into teaching you how to tie four reliable fly patterns for fishing the Spokane Region! The techniques learned from these trout patterns can be applied to many more.

We will make sure you are proficient in the core techniques to form a good foundation towards your new hobby.

Flies covered include:

  1. San Juan Worm
  2. Pat's Rubber Legs
  3. Zebra Midge
  4. Carey Special
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