Want to get your casting dialed in?

Our private casting lessons are geared for anyone wanting to learn more about fly casting.

At Silver Bow Fly Shop we find one of the greatest enjoyments to the sport is teaching someone so that they can better themselves as an angler. We offer private one-on-one lessons for those that are interested in learning how to cast a fly rod or need help tweaking their cast. Our private casting lessons are for individuals, or can be tailored to groups.

Whether you need to learn the fundamentals or more advanced techniques, we can dial you in. No equipment is necessary as we have all the properly matched equipment here at the shop and a casting lawn.

Going on one of our saltwater trips. Dialing in your Double Haul is a must to cast your line the distance in windy conditions to Bonefish and Permit.

Doubel Haul Casting

Types of casting instruction offered in an hour lesson based off of request:

  1. Basic fundamentals to a forward cast
  2. Double Hauling
  3. Distance casting
  4. Aerial mend cast (reach, curve, parachute, s-cast)
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