Women's Steelhead Day Success

Sean Visintainer - 10/26/18

Grande Ronde River Steelhead

Sunshine, Steelhead, and Smiles

Looks like last weekends women's steelhead outing was a success! Heather Hodson (Facebook and United Women on the Fly) did a fantastic job of organizing a group of ladies to go on a steelhead adventure with the Silver Bow guide crew which couldn't have been timed better for the last of the excellent sunny weather.

With excitement high, Travis, Kenyon, Kelby, Bjorn, and Britten were all lined up for a fun day on the water with a wonderful group of ladies. Some in the group had experience steelheading, and some were new, but as always the guides are very patient and love to show new steelheaders the ways whether it's with drifting tactics from the boat, or wade fishing with spey rods. They can do it all, and do it all very well.

Returns of steelhead are low this year, but it sounds like every boat saw some level of steelhead action and the ladies landed some really nice Grande Ronde steelhead.

GWith plenty of sunshine and smiles to go around we are looking forward to having another group of ladies next year! A big thanks to Heather, Bo Brand, and the guide staff for making the weekend possible!