Women's Fly Rigging Class

Sean Visintainer - 09/12/19

Heather Hodson releasing a beautiful cutthroat from the North Fork Clearwater

Start with a solid foundation!

Join us for an evening of camaraderie and rigging! Sisters on the Fly, Heather Hodson, and the Silver Bow have teamed up for a women's evening of fly fishing rigging.

This Fly Fishing course is hands on. The first hour will be knots. We'll cover the nail, loop to loop, double surgeon and clinch knots. The second hour will consist of rigging. Every angler will set-up a Dry and Nymph rig. It is geared toward the angler who is just starting out or has some experience on the water.

The class will be at the Silver Bow Fly Shop in the Spokane Valley. Class time is approximately 2 hours, 1st hour knots and 2nd hour rigging. Cost includes all practice knot kits and rigging supplies.

Call 509-924-9998 to Sign Up

Class Covers

  • Knots
  1. Loop to Loop
  2. Double Surgeon
  3. Clinch
  4. Nail Knot

  • Rigging
  1. Dry Fly Rig - Single Fly
  2. Dry Fly Rig - Two Flies

  1. Subsurface Nymph Rig - Single Fly
  2. Subsurface Nymph Rig - Two Flies

You'll Receive

  1. Classroom Handouts
  2. 2 hour Classroom Instruction from Heather Hodson

  • Cost - $40.00 / Non-Refundable
  • Payment - Call 509-924-9998 (Silver Bow Fly Shop) to register. Have your credit card ready
  • Max Participants - 10 / Women Only
  • Refund - None / Treat classes like concert tickets!
  • Location -
  • Date - Monday, September 23, 2019
  • Time - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Equipment - No equipment required

  • Instructor - Heather Hodson

  • Fly fishing for 11 years, Heather has dedicated her time to educate and inspire others. Heather is currently studying for her Casting Instructor Certification with Fly Fishers International and has been teaching Fly Fishing since 2014. Heather has been mentored by the best anglers and fly casters in the world. This allows Heather to pass on the knowledge she’s learned to her students. With nearly 130+ days on the water each year and fishing around the world, Heather continues to invest into herself to mentor anglers to be the best that they can be.

  • Heather Hodson - Women's Fly Fishing Instructor. Heather Hodson