Winter Waters This Friday

Michael Visintainer - 03/04/20

Spokane River fly fishing guide Britten Jay drifts the river with anglers.

We love the Spokane River

If you know me or the shop then you know we love all things Spokane River.

For the past decade I've made the Spokane River one of our main focuses. Not only in learning, guiding, enjoying and promoting the fishery, but in helping protect the resource for all user groups.

While we only play a very tiny role in the grand scheme of things we are happy and willing to help wherever we can.

There are many local organizations, businesses and advocates that play a much larger role in truly protecting this wonderful waterway who truly deserve the recognition but we are humbled to be recognized amongst peers as a protector of the Spokane River.

Join us this Friday and show your support for the Spokane River and those who want to protect it.

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