Happy Winter Solstice

Sean Visintainer - 12/21/21

Fly fishing on a tributary to the North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene River, Idaho.

Keep the snow coming!

Today may be dark and gloomy, but soon enough we'll be back on the rivers casting to rising trout.

I'm not crazy about winter as most of my friends know. I'd rather be living on a tropical beach from November through March. A beach adjacent to a bonefish fish flat if I could choose! LOL

Nonetheless here we are in Spokane, a pretty good place still. Numerous trout rivers, close proximity to Idaho and Montana, and full of variety depending on what you like fishing for.

For the next couple months fishing will be limited. But now that daylight will start getting a little longer we can look forward to spring fishing.

Currently the snowpack is starting off decent. While most of it occurs later in the winter it's off to a good start for our beloved Coeur d'Alene, St. Joe, and Spokane Rivers.

Happy winter solstice and fingers crossed for continued snowpack!

Idaho Snotel