Video Fishing Report - September 2017

Sean Visintainer - 09/06/17

St Joe River Video Fly Fishing Report

Kids are back in school, rivers are quiet, time to fish

Our latest Video Fishing Report is now live on our YouTube Channel. This episode features the St. Joe River in late summer conditions. Kelby Braun from the shop and I shot this clip last Thursday right before the Labor Day Weekend. Conditions were a little smokey in the morning as they have been lately, but winds from the west blew out most of the smoke by mid day and skies were blue all afternoon.

While some smoke has rolled back in the fishing should still be good. Think of it as cloud cover... sorta. We had great success on hoppers in the morning hours and ants in the afternoon. You could run droppers under your hopper if you would like, my suggestion would be a caddis pupa or something like a small lightning bug or PT. We also swung soft hackles and caddis emergers as there were some small mayflies hatching and a couple caddis. The mayflies looked to be small PMD's that day and we have had some reports of pseudo baetis as well on the lower stretches. A few midges are out as well and patterns like griffiths gnats, small adams, and parachutes will work too.

Anglers willing to scramble the banks and fish a little harder to reach places will be rewarded the most. Find the deeper slots and you will find the fish. One other suggestion is to drop down a tippet size if you can and lengthen your leader an extra foot or two for a little extra advantage.