Two Tips for New Fly Casters

Sean Visintainer - 09/14/17

Fly Fishing Casting

Keeping you on the right track...

Last time I checked most people that fly fish like to catch fish, well at least I do. One sure method of catching more fish is accurately casting to a fish's location so you then can present the fly. Fly doesn't land in their zone... well odds go way down. There are two fundamental elements to the fly cast to that must be executed in order for the fly to accurately reach it's target. Let's take a look at them.

The straighter the rod tip travels, the tighter the loops.

  1. Tight loops translate to accurate cast, improved line speed, and better turnover. Tight loops also cut through the wind more effectively.

Casting in a straight plane on both the back and forward cast keeps the line straight on the final delivery.

  1. Remember the line and fly follow the path of the rod. If the rod does not track in a straight plane, the line and the fly will not lay down where you had planned and will follow the course of how you moved the fly rod.

If you are struggling to achieve accurate cast, or just need a few pointers let us know and you can schedule a private lesson with one of our fly casting instructors at the shop.