Trout Spey - Part Three

Sean Visintainer - 04/05/17

Trout Spey Fly Fishing

Tips, Tricks, and Trout

The final segment of our Three Part Trout Spey Series discusses tips for a few of the basics techniques. This overview will cover nymphing, swinging, stripping, and rod tip twitching / jigging methods. In each of these styles of trout spey application we will discuss a few points to help make each one more effective for you on the water. We even get a little lucky part way through so you have to watch and see what happens!

If you are new to trout spey be sure to check out the first two videos in the series for info on what trout spey is, and what are the basic lines for trout spey.

  1. Trout Spey Part One - What is Trout Spey?
  2. Trout Spey Part Two - Line Overview


  • In this video I am using the following equipment. It is my go-to rig for the Spokane and many rivers around the region.

  • Sage ONE Trout Spey 3110-4
  • Hardy Marquis 7 Fly Reel
  • OPST Command Head 225 gr
  • OPST Lazar Line 35 lb
  • OPST Command Tip Run 96 gr
  • Rio Powerflex PLUS 1x Tippet
  • Zirdle Bug Black and Brown (Custom Tied Silver Bow)