Tis the Season

Sean Visintainer - 07/14/20

North Idaho Streams

Think differently

It's July, peak season. July is ALWAYS the busiest month of the year around the west for fly angling. Schools out, suns out, stream levels good, fishing is good.

July this year also has the added pressure of a worldwide pandemic. Cancelled group gatherings, no summer concerts, no major sporting events, limited travel plans, the fear of being around others. These things combined make for busy outdoor situations.

Have you heard about RV and camper sales recently? Overlanding? Try buying a mountain bike lately? Shit is busy! People want to be outside. They were cooped up and now with limited summer activities means people are flocking outdoors.

This post is just a friendly reminder that don't expect to be alone on the water. Others will be there. There are no secret places these days in the world of the internet, Google, and things such as satellite maps. People are savvy, information is readily available and with added time on everyone's hand means more time to explore.

If you are seeking solitude, try new water. Water that is less known, hiking in further, try a new species (bass, carp, etc). Try fishing earlier, try fishing later.

Thinking outside the box can pay off in finding yourself a little slice of solitude in this weird, messed up world we are living in.