Time To Dredge

Sean Visintainer - 11/04/20

Stonefly nymphs are great searching patterns for trout or steelhead year round on many western rivers.

Get down, stay down.

Frosty, cold starts lately on the streams. This is the time of the year that it is imperative to dredge for success.

As fish metabolism slows, the aggressiveness and willingness to move far for food becomes less and less. Slow water and slow presentations are key from here on out.

While the temps are holding on for a few more days, more seasonable weather is around the corner. Even at locations down south such as the Grande Ronde that are typically warmer than up here around Spokane have seen water temps hovering around 36/37 degrees, chilly!

3 tips for improved cold weather nymphing:

  1. Focus on the slow, deepest pools. Fish have moved out of the riffles a long time ago.
  2. Use a sensitive indicator such as a yarn indicator to detect more subtle strikes and use split shot to get your flies down!
  3. A main nymph such as a stonefly or san juan is a great idea, but adding a smaller dropper nymph to mimic midge pupa, small bwo mayflies, or a small attractor nymph is a must. I like my late fall flies to have a bright bead or hot spot to them for added attraction.

3 tips for improved cold weather streamer fishing:

  1. Sink tips are a must on many rivers. You need to get your fly down and keep it down, a sink tip helps do this.
  2. Slow your presentation down. Fish are not as active and you must act accordingly.
  3. Flashy patterns go a long way during the fall and winter months.