Throwback Thursday DIY Style

Sean Visintainer - 02/04/21

Fly Fishing in the Bahamas

Time Flies, Enjoy It.

It's amazing how time flies. Mike posted today in his Instagram Story that it was a decade ago he and I had ventured to the Bahamas for an exploratory style fishing trip. The remote Long Island, approximately 80 miles long, was home to bonefish, baby tarpon, jacks, cuda, and other various salt creatures. We had terrible weather for the first few days, but after the storm passed, we started figuring out the locations and the fish.

Planning these DIY style fishing trips involves a lot of unknowns and part of the fun we have found over the years are those unknowns. The unknowns lead to many new discoveries and learning opportunities, and when everything comes together the reward can be that much greater.

The clock is ticking... time to go on some adventures!

Baby Tarpon

Bahamas Bonefish

Long Island Bahamas