The Catching Is Good

Sean Visintainer - 09/18/19

A nice Redband that slurped a bwo pattern for guide Kenyon Pitts. Photo credit: Jesse Retan

Now is the time to go

With fall arriving a bit early this year, the shift towards cool weather fishing has came on quick. The "catching" has been good on the Spokane from our shop and guide staff observations.

I'm generally a big fan of the early season fishing, mostly due to a bad case of the winter blues, but fall is really a great time to hit the river. River levels are typically low, clear and easy to get around on. Hatches pick back up, crowds thin, temps are comfortable. A truly nice time to be on the water.

This past week on the Spokane has been very good. Good nymphing, good streamer fishing, good dry fly fishing. Big dries (chubbies) are sniffing them out still, but also some small dries like bwo's have worked in the calm, glassy water stretches.

From now until the snow flies, and then even into the winter a little, is a great time to go on a Spokane River guided trip. The innertube hatch is over and for the most part the river will be vacant, just you, the guide, and some trout.

If you want to give the Spokane River a try, now is a good time. Give Bo Brand our esteemed guide manager a call and we can get you on the water. 509-924-9998 or