Sean Visintainer - 08/31/17

Sean Visintainer Spokane River.

12 Years, and I haven't screwed it up too bad yet!

This time of the year I always reminisce about the shop, business decisions made or not made, and what direction to go next. Twelve years ago the Williams family gave me an opportunity to purchase the shop. An opportunity that would change my life. I am always forever grateful the opportunity they gave a broke 23rd year old fishing bum lol.

The fishing business is not as glamorous as one thinks, nor is it a get-rich-quick scheme. Trust me. The joke in this industry is the best way to make a million dollars in fly fishing is to start with two million. All jokes aside, it has introduced me to a lot of great people like you the folks reading this very blog, our shop staff, and fishing friends. And for that I just wanted to say thank you to the excellent staff we have been able to assemble here at the Silver Bow and to you our loyal customers. I appreciate your support over the years and promise we will keep striving to bring you the very best in fly fishing around this region.

Have a good Labor Day Weekend!

- Sean Visintainer