Thank You - Closed Black Friday

Sean Visintainer - 11/22/23

Montana Brown Trout

Happy Thanksgiving


Fishing season has wound down for most anglers as we roll into late fall. I don’t blame folks, it’s a lot harder to get motivated when the windows are short, temps are cold, and the fish not as cooperative. That’s alright though, these next few months are a good time to get recharged and make plans for the upcoming season.

Like the fishing season, the fishing business as you can imagine is also in it’s normal slow season. We get a little bump from the holidays and then hunker down until the spring again. This time of the year we can reflect on the past fishing season, business, and make sure everything is in order for 2024.

The past few years have been a whirlwind for anyone in the outdoor industry and 2023 settled back down to the pre-covid days with more normalcy and steady business. Inventory is A LOT easier to come by these days too!

We owe a big thank you for those that helped support our business, whether you made a purchase, liked a social media post, or referred our business to a friend. It all helps keep the machine moving and we truly appreciate it!

This holiday season remember, when you shop with the Silver Bow you are supporting a local business. A local business that also supports local organizations, other small businesses, and supports local river conservation. Your hard earned money spent at the Silver Bow stays in the local economy.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving from our crew to yours, thank you!

Graham the Shop dog