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Sean Visintainer fly fishing the St. Joe River, Idaho in April 2019

Phone & Internet Orders M-F

As everyone is aware we have been physically shut down since last Wednesday due to the Washington State stay-at-home orders. I would have liked to think the Governor would classify a "Fly Fishing Shop" as essential business... but unfortunately not lol. I may be biased, but I think we provide some mental health assistance during life's stressful times, and for some, fishing is a way of putting food on the plate. I'll have to put in a request to get our status changed. Wish me luck haha.

A couple business things to note:

  • I am here Monday - Friday for phone, email, and internet orders. 10:00 to 4:00

  • Phone orders are best in my opinion. I can at least make sure you get the right product and continue to provide customer service.

  • Surprisingly the phone rings quite a bit still, to the point that all 3 of my wireless handsets kicked the bucket the other day and I had to go buy a whole new set. Not money that I wanted to spend right now, but we need to keep the fly fishing "hotline" open for business.

  • If you get an error code when trying to purchase an item on our webstore I apologize. We are aware of the issue and it will take a few weeks to fix. It requires some big updates on a backend software here at the shop and my IT department (Mike) is a one man show that also handles our accounting, inventory, etc. Trust me, he is working hard on resolving that. If you get that don't worry (and don't go shop somewhere else!) I will reach out via email or phone and let know that I received your order and will call you for a credit card number.

  • Need a bunch of fly tying stuff? Email me your requests and I will start to fill the order then give you a call to fine tune and collect a payment. Trust me, this is way better than you guessing on what to buy online. I can physically look at product and pick the right stuff.

  • Curbside service was discontinued last Wednesday. I am only shipping product. I am trying to do our part to keep you safe (and home!).

I owe a BIG THANK YOU in particular to a few friends and supporters of the shop this past week who placed orders (gear, materials, & gift cards) with me. I'm forever grateful for your business. You all know who you are!

We appreciate your support during these difficult times, I know everyone has their stresses, battles, and things to deal with as well, so thank you for supporting us!

Note: That picture above was from the St. Joe River last year on almost this exact date... stay motivated, the fish haven't gone anywhere and they are not affected by Corona! They will be there for you when this is all over....

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