Super Fly Floatant

Sean Visintainer - 07/08/12

Fly Fishing Super Float Floatant.

"Magic Snake Oil" Fly Floatant

I was recently introduced to Super Fly Floatant by Big Hole River outfitter Al Lefor - Great Divide Outfitters. I have seen and tried countless fly floatants in my 18 year fly fishing career and can honestly say most kinda suck compared this stuff. Super Fly Floatant rides higher and longer than anything else I have ever seen. No BS. I have no idea what it is made of, no it's not lighter fluid... just some water like substance. Al makes this stuff at his shop on the Big Hole River and obviously isn't going to give up the secret sauce formula.

This fly floatant is super simple to apply...

  • Step 1 Dunk fly in Super Fly Floatant.
  • Step 2 False cast like crazy for 3 seconds to dry your fly.
  • Step 3 Fish and watch fly float like a piece of cork... for hours!

And after miles of long, fly riding high and dry drifts you probably won't have to apply anymore floatant... cuz this shit works like Magic Snake Oil.

Call 509-924-9998 to order or swing by... $6.95 / bottle

You don't like it, I will buy it back from you for my personal collection!