Summer Mode

Sean Visintainer - 06/29/17

Sunshine and fishing time

Summer mode is in full effect. Runoff is over. River levels are great. Bugs have been hatching for quite some time. Days are long. Temps are warm. Fishing is here folks. Hard to keep the website updated as much when there are so many options to fish. The shop is buzzing every week as anglers pop in for last minute supplies or shiny new toys to play with on the river.

Our local haunt, the Spokane River, has been productive with dry droppers and indicator rigs. The swing game is playing well too. Love having a trout river to hit after work. Summertime means either an early morning session or a quick hit after work while the days are long. Grab the trout spey, keep it light and tight, and just go. Catching fish is the bonus.

The Idaho Panhandle streams we all love so much have been great. A great variety of bugs hatch this time of the year over there and it's hard to say what the cutthroat's focus will be. We have our favorites and visitors in the store have their favorites and the cool thing about it, is most of it works. Summer brings consistent fishing and sunny skies. Thank the trout gods that cutthroat love sunshine cuz if they didn't fishing would be tough!

This is the time of the year the dry/dropper game really shines. A foam dry with a two foot dropper is perfect for prospecting in the morning and mid day heat for those fish that are unwilling to eat the dry. Evening time brings on the caddis and pmd spinner falls keeping the dry fly fishing rolling into the darkness with smaller dries. Terrestrials are abound this time of the year too. Ants and beetles make great mid day ammo and as we progress into July the hopper game will pick up rapidly.

Summer mode is in full effect... I think I'll end it on that... it's time to fish.