Summer Heat

Sean Visintainer - 07/17/20

North Idaho Streams

Go early. Stay late.

We've approached that time of the year when day time temps are soaring into the upper 80's and mid 90's. Toasty.

Hot temps like this will shift the fishing into classic summer time situations. Here is the game plan for the foreseeable future on freestones:

Early mornings Sunup through lunchtime hours will be ideal. As you start to approach noon or early afternoon, many freestones will slow down as water temps begin to rise.

Late evenings

The golden hour before dark, and even into a little darkness can be productive. Currently water temps should be fine late in the day, but as summer wears on note that evenings are actually the warmest time as the sun has heated up the water all day.


Riffles provide food, oxygen, and protection from overhead predators. The 3 key ingredients to summer success.


Shaded areas can provide relief from intense summer sun and protection from predators.

Deep, fast slots

As river levels settle into low, summer levels, deeper trenches with faster currents will be a key area for trout looking for oxygen and good food supply. This style of water also makes fish more opportunistic since the water is more turbulent and quicker they have less opportunity to be discerning.

Another side note, as water temps rise fight fish quickly as you can, and make sure they swim off under their own power. Handling fish as little as possible also goes a long way.

Enjoy the summer sunshine and go get after it while summer is here!