Steelhead Fishing is Ramping Up

Sean Visintainer - 10/11/12

Sean and Mark with a nice Grande Ronde Steelhead.

While there may not be as many steelhead to fly fish for this year rest assure that there are still plenty of steelhead in the rivers! Everyone got kinda spoiled a few years ago when the conditions were prime for a record setting return of steelhead and one could go potentially crack double digits landed in one day. Now this year may not be as big numbers wise, but you should still come across some steelhead in the Grande Ronde, Snake, Clearwater, and Salmon Rivers. Decent numbers coming over Lower Granite Dam indicate a fair amount of steelhead returning to our particular region... and I'm not complaining... nor should you!

So you can keep up with the amount of steelhead and salmon coming to your neck of the woods check out this link to the daily fish counts for steelhead and salmon over the dams... poke around on the Fish Passage Center site, there is all sorts of interesting information on it!

Daily Salmon Counts

Heather's First Steelhead on the Grande Ronde River, Washington. Fishing a Winston Spey Rod on the Grande Ronde River.