Stay Low

Sean Visintainer - 10/25/19

Fly fishing with dry flies for rising trout on the Spokane River during the fall.

Food for thought

Staying low and stealthy can make a big difference when head hunting. Often anglers walk right up to rising fish or new water and just start casting away, announcing their presence to every trout within range. Remember that trout have a lateral line that senses vibrations, and depending on the type of terrain along the bank, can sense your movement from a long distance.

When stalking fish... step lightly, don’t send shock waves or ripples in the water, keep a low profile, and observe until you are ready to execute a precise cast/drift on the first attempt.

A little extra caution, patience, and planning can make a big difference in what ends up in the net.

A cutthroat trout that fell victim to a well placed bwo emerger.

BWO Emerger.