St. Joe Runoff Windows

Sean Visintainer - 06/01/20

St Joe River

Fishy windows

Runoff continues to plug along on the St. Joe River the past few weeks. However, what goes up, must go down.

For those that have followed our website over the years, reports, blogs, etc all know that we advocate looking for those windows of opportunity during runoff. Highwater doesn't mean no fishing, it just means changing where you look for fish.

The past week on the St. Joe River had some great opportunities on the lower half of the drainage to catch fish. Those that were able to get out did very well. Spring on the Joe brings a variety of hatches and hungry cutthroat trout. Being prepared with a mix of patterns can help lead to success, but knowing where to look is often the most important.

Mike took a drive up the St. Joe River last week, he said the upper stretches were too fast for good fishing (as expected at high flows) but the bottom sections were ideal. Kenyon did well floating the lower as well as other friends.

While the river may be out of commission for just a few days, the flows will come down this week. For those that pay attention to the roller coaster of river levels, if your schedule allows you to time the windows right, spring runoff fishing can be the best of the year.

Enjoy some photos from Mike on his day trip up the St. Joe this past week and watch for those "fishy" windows!