Riverkeeper Settles Hangman Lawsuit

Sean Visintainer - 04/12/18

Mud from Latah Creek into the Spokane River.

Spokane Riverkeeper Settles Lawsuit with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Washington Department of Ecology to Protect Water Quality in Hangman Creek

A step in the right direction for protecting and improving water quality in Hangman Creek this week, a major tributary to the lower Spokane River and one of the most polluted waterways in Washington. Hangman Creek has high levels of sediment, fecal coliform bacteria and high water temperatures caused by poor agricultural practices and land uses. All of these issues in turn affect the mainstem Spokane River and prevents the recovery of native Redband trout not to mention the future reintroduction of salmon into the Spokane.

For the full press release by the Spokane Riverkeeper please check out the link to their site below.